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Whole30 Challenge Results

How did our Whole30 challenge go? Check out our infographic below:


Check out our team and individual winners from the Whole30 Challenge:

Beca, Dani, and Mark (not shown) won for the team that earned the most points throughout the challenge. Points were earned for sticking to Whole30, demonstrating a healthy lifestyle in other arenas (sleep, water consumption), posting on social media, and doing extra work outs with their team. Great job team!!

Gwen won the individual award for the challenge. She was chosen based on improvement in body composition and also her performance in a baseline work out. She had the highest improvement of anyone at CrossFit Lobo, completing 4.6 more rounds of the work out! Great job Gwen!!

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Details from previous Whole30 Challenge:

  • Info Session: 11:00 am on Saturday, January 6. We will discuss Whole30, how to score points for the challenge, breakdown of teams, prizes available, and take everyone’s “before” measurements.
  • Whole30 Challenge dates: Monday, January 8 (12:00 am) – Wednesday, February 7 (12:00 am)
  • What’s Included:
    • Basic Whole30 packet to get you started
    • Emails to keep you motivated
    • Coaching throughout the 30 days
    • Membership to a Facebook group to offer you continual support and encouragement
    • Prizes for the winning team
    • Weekly food log review (using myfitnesspal app)
  • Requirements to Participate (+10 points each):
    • Complete baseline WOD at the start and end of Whole30 (will be programmed into that day’s WOD)
    • Get measurements taken with a coach before and after (first measurements will be taken after info session on Saturday, January 6th).
    • Get weight recorded with a coach before and after on gym’s scale
      • Per Whole30, do NOT weigh yourself throughout the duration of Whole30! We are not here to get obsessed with numbers. Only before and after.
    • Take before and after photos (these will not be published or shared without your consent!)
  • Scoring:
    • 3 points: Perfect day of Whole30 – no cheats. The clouds parted, sun shined on your plate of zoodles, and you PR’d everything that day.
    • 1 point: 90% Whole30 / small cheat (non-Whole30 snack or condiment, non-Whole30 non-alcoholic beverage)
    • 0 points: Anything less than 90% Whole30 (cheat meal, cheat day, alcoholic beverages, or desserts).
  • Extra Points (for you nerds out there). These can be achieved only once a day per person (unless specified):
    • Completing a class at CrossFit Lobo: +2 points
    • Exercise outside the gym for at least 30 minutes: +1 point
    • Complete a Weekly Team WOD with your team: +4 points per person
      • Weekly WODs will be provided at the start of the week
      • All team members must be present
    • 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep: +1 point
    • Half your bodyweight (in oz) of water: +1 point
    • 10 minutes of ROMWOD: +1 point
    • Posting a recipe or encouragement on Facebook group: +1 point (max once a day)
    • Additional points will be factored in at the end of the 30 days for improvements in the baseline WOD and overall composition. More to follow.