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Tuesday 11/8/16 CrossFit Lobo Workout of the Day


Tuesday 11/8/16 CrossFit Lobo Workout of the Day



Front Squat with a Pause:  5 x 3 (50-70%) pause at least one second at the bottom.  Core tight, chest tall.
Alternate with…..
5 x 5 Bat Wing Holds, Using dumbbells or kettlebells, assume the superman body position, keep the core active and pull the weights all the way to the armpits.  Pause for one second, keeping the scapula contracted at the top.  If you cannot keep the weights in your armpits, it’s too heavy.  If this doesn’t suck…it’s too light.


For Time:
Buy In:  400m Run
3 Rounds for Time:
5 x Power Cleans (60%)
10 x Wall Balls (20/14)
20 x Air Squats
Cash Out:  400m Run

Post WoD:

5 x 10 Strict Hanging Oblique Raises, Strict, no kipping.  Contract and hold one second, right knee to left armpit, left knee to right armpit.



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