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Tuesday 11/1/16 CrossFit Lobo Workout of the Day


Tuesday 11/1/16 CrossFit Lobo Workout of the Day



2 x Three Position Muscle Snatch (mid shin, hang above kneecap, high hang/hip crease) Barbell Only
6 x 1 Three Position POWER SNATCH (40-70%), You will perform three power snatches without releasing the bar (if able).  One from the floor, one from the hang above knee, and one from the high hang or hip crease.  When setting up each lift, make sure the spine stays neutral, the core is tight the entire time you’re holding a weight.  Load the posterior chain, not the quads.


15′ EMOM
Alternate each minute between:
Minute 1= 4 x Snatches (60%)
Minute 2 = 40 seconds of KB swings (53/35)
Minute 3 = 40 seconds of Double Unders or DU practice.
Try not to rest during the KBs and DUs.  Work for 40 seconds, you will get a 20 second rest each minute.

Post WOD:

5 x 10 Strict Hanging Oblique Raises. Hang from the rig and raise the knees to the opposite chest.  Right knee to left chest, left knee to right chest.  Slow and controlled, no kippping.

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