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Michele’s Story – The “Challenge”


Michele’s Story – The “Challenge”


October 3, 2015 was the beginning of the 12 week challenge. A challenge to get my eating habits and fitness back on track and a commitment to myself and to my Coach.  At times, the challenge was hard.  When my muscles were sore and it was tough to walk, l wanted to stay home, soak in the tub, and drink wine.  When the days started getting shorter, I wanted to curl up on the couch and watch Scandal; I wanted to ends this!!  YES, the challenge was hare, but I couldn’t stop going to Boot Camp because I was mentally and physically committed, and I had bought some cool workout outfits!

The Challenge at times (okay many times), when I was tracking food really annoyed me.  I like structure in my life, but everything I ate had to be tracked.  Really? Yes!  I was eating six times a day!!  It took about four weeks for me to get into a routine.  In addition to eating 6 meals a day, I was getting my butt kicked three days a week at Boot Camp.  The Workout of the Day (WOD) was a test to my inner and outer strength.  Every time we did burpees, I gave Coach a look: “You have to be kidding me!” but after the WOD, I gaveCoach a hug.  A “thank you hug” for getting me through this!  Every time I completed a WOD, I was tired, but energized at the same time.  This feeling of accomplishment, kept me returning for another butt kicking and another challenging WOD.  When I am at work or doing my Spiritual Jog on Sundays, I can hear Coaeh say, “Tight core, butt down, shoulders back, flat back, etc.” Yes, Coach has been in my ear and my constant every step of the way.

Now that The Challenge is over, I can proudly say that I have lost 12 pounds and 19 inches over all!  Now, the new challenge is maintaining and incorporating what I have learned through my inner and outer strength, my tenacity, and the constant guidance and motivation from my Coach.  Webster’s definition of Coach is – someone in charge of training an athlete or a team.” During The Challenge, Elizabeth was my Coach and this definition does not accurately portray her.  Elizabeth is amazing at what she does.  Her motivation and dedication to her athletes is transcending and her spirit and passion in what she does is contagious. Elizabeth is my Coach and my constant.

Live, Love and Laugh …..


Boot Camp Graduate

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