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Robin is a Level 1 coach at CrossFit Lobo.

She is originally from San Diego, California, but has been living in San Antonio for over 10 years.  She served in the Air Force before settling down to civilian life here in Texas.  Robin originally thought CrossFit was a cult but was convinced to try it, and at the age of 45, she drank the Kool-Aid.  She has been going ever since.  She has a special interest in CrossFit for master’s and loves it when someone shows up to try CrossFit and leaves knowing they did more than they ever thought possible.

When not at Lobo, you can sometimes find her doing her day job, practicing medicine taking care of our city’s senior population.  She is looking forward to the day when she can afford to quit and become a full-time coach…she’s still waiting…

Robin loves to cook, travel, and read…oh and eat.  Offer her food and you will get away with cheating reps in her class… well, maybe not…but you should definitely try it.  Works best with chocolate and peanut butter.