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Robby is CrossFit Level 2 coach with over five years of experience and an expert in performance-based nutrition.

He was born and raised Texan. Besides a short stint in Northern Minnesota, Texas has always been home and the Moore’s love San Antonio. Robby got his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and is pursuing his Master’s in Theology. Robby is married to Kristin and they have two kids (who are a big reason why he CrossFits) AJ and Piper. Robby serves as a pastor at Grace Point.

Robby got into CrossFit post-college after a season of not doing much physical activity. He got into it for the challenge, the community, and the Olympic Lifts! The opportunity to continually improve and becoming proficient in all movements is a big reason why he loves CrossFit. On a more practical level, Robby loves that CrossFit works for anyone and everyone.

When it comes to working with athletes, Robby loves to take working out seriously but not himself. Expect to see him yelling at you to get out of the bottom of the hole one minute and goofing off with you the next. Robby loves Lobo because it is a place where everyone wants to get a little better everyday and overtime living better lives.