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Elizabeth is a Level 1 Coach, Lobo Boot Camp instructor, and resident nutritionist at CrossFit Lobo.

She is from a small town named Grants, New Mexico… if you blink, you will miss it. She came to the lovely state of Texas by way of the Air Force in 2010. She teaches leadership and management in the Air Force and coaches our Lobo Boot Camp class three days a week. She also runs Lobo’s nutrition challenges, helping¬†people get into the best shape of their lives!

Elizabeth is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science. She is a certified personal trainer through AFAA and has since fallen in love with the diversity and fun that comes with CrossFit, the people, and the daily challenge. She has a passion for people and a sarcastic mouth.

She has always had a passion for an active lifestyle, playing soccer through high school and trying to do whatever sports her older brother did; now Elizabeth can out lift and out run her older brother. Tell her hi when you see her!