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Chelsea is an owner of CrossFit Lobo, leading business development, and she is a CrossFit Level 1 coach.

Chelsea started her CrossFit journey at Lobo in 2015, shortly after separating from the Navy. She was lucky to find in CrossFit the same enduring masochism and camaraderie she missed from her time in the military, and she hasn’t looked back since.

After years of mindlessly jamming out to Miley Cyrus as a gym rat, Chelsea quickly found the intensity, versatility, and feedback she had been seeking in her pursuit of fitness at CrossFit Lobo. Even still, what really keeps her coming back every day are the awesome people at Lobo who never shy away from a chance to say “Hi” and see how you’re doing.

When not gathering photos and videos of members to post on social media, Chelsea enjoys coaching and teaching new athletes what Lobo is all about. She is fascinated by the psychological and spiritual journey inherent to CrossFit, and she loves seeing people come back to the gym every day in spite of life’s hurdles.