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Resolve to Have No More New Year Resolutions


Resolve to Have No More New Year Resolutions

Here we all are, staring at the ass end of 2016. How’d it go? Can’t believe Costco is already playing Christmas music? Ready to eat like garbage for the holidays and then make the walk of shame back to the gym January 1st? Sounds familiar – the New Year’s resolution to *finally* start that diet/fitness program/Portuguese Rosetta Stone program when the new year begins.

Why do we even make resolutions? We all absolutely LOVE making new year’s resolutions because in the moment of setting our future goals, we are happy. We think of an amazing, bright future where we lose half our body fat, suddenly have that 3 inch growth spurt in our late 30’s, magically grow the hair we lost years ago, and we gain 100k Instagram followers (no, really, everyone loves your puppy). We suddenly have this clean slate and get to set well-intentioned goals to make next year THE. BEST. YEAR. IN. HUMAN. HISTORY!!!! Trump, you got NOTHIN’ on me in 2017.

… But guess what? You’re the same person now that you’ll be then. The same idiosyncrasies you carry and feelings of existential meaninglessness you occasionally experience will be exactly the same. Likewise, you’ll want to meet your goals on January 1st just as much as you want to today. Any feelings of excitement you have on the 1st at the prospect of being the next Christmas Abbott won’t carry you to fulfilling your goals. Why? Because by the time you’re halfway tatted up and getting closer to squatting twice your bodyweight, the excitement will falter. Classes at school are getting overwhelming. Your family is spread thin trying to hold it all together. Unfortunately, the excitement always fades, and there is a good chance your interest in your own goals will fade. That’s OK, though. What will keep you going when your desire starts to wane? The will to stay committed to your vision or the prospect of the following New Year?

I’ve learned that if there’s a change you want to make, you figure out how to make it and you make it – no matter the time of year. If you don’t really want to do it – well, you won’t. So when looking at the changes you DO want to make, why wait until the New Year? We all eat like garbage at Thanksgiving, you’re no different. In fact, I may or may not have had two bags of chocolate chip cookies over the weekend and it’s not even “the Holidays” (I was celebrating the official end of Texas’ summer). My point is, if you know that you want to make changes to improve the quality of your life, then why wait? Taking some time off and eating outside your carefully-weighed macros during the holidays won’t demolish your progress, but the mindset of waiting until the New Year to make any headway toward those elusive goals will.

If you’re reading this, you care about being fit and healthy. What fitness goals do you have? Do you want to be at the gym four days of the week instead of three? Do you want to improve your Olympic lifting form or even compete? Or are you reading this and simply trying to prioritize your needs again?

Maybe the issue for you isn’t so much the time of year, but simply a matter of prioritizing your own needs. No matter what, taking even just an hour out of our day to take care of ourselves is important. More often than not, we martyr ourselves for work, school, or other people in our lives, and we ultimately ignore the most important people in our lives – ourselves. If you don’t look and feel the way that you deserve, then how are you going to take care of those around you? Prioritize yourself for the people who are already your priority.

There is never a good time to start something new. There are literally MILLIONS of things that will occur in the next few weeks that you have no control over. Your world could look drastically different on January 1st, whether you want it to or not. Whatever you want to change, figure out how to change it and begin working on it today. There is no reason not to start now! Blink and it’s going to be November 2017.

Let us help you make the changes TODAY toward the type of life you have always wanted.

Sometimes you gotta grab life by the haunches and hump it into submission – Patches O’Houlihan

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