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Memorial Day 2016 – 5/30/16


Memorial Day 2016 – 5/30/16


There will be one class only at 0900 (9:00am).  Please arrive hydrated and with plenty of rest.  Drop Ins are welcome but please contact for electronic waiver ahead of time.

If you don’t know why we do Murph or why we do it on Memorial Day, then do some research.  Read this article about Lt Michael Murphy from the U.S. Navy’s Medal of Honor page.  This was the first Hero WOD for CrossFit and has since spawned many other grueling workouts to honor those who have fallen in service to this country or given their lives selflessly to protect others.


1 Mile Run
100 x Pull Ups
200 x Push Ups
300 x Air Squats
1 Mile Run

If this WOD doesn’t suck enough for you, you may wear a 20 lbs vest to simulate the “Body Armor” that military members wear in Combat.  This Workout was originally called Body Armor and was reportedly Michael Murphey’s favorite workout.

There will be options to scale Murph as well.  1/2 Murph, 1/4 Murph, Partner Murph, Rowing Murph.  Scale to your fitness level or adapt for injury.

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