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Friday 10/7/16 CrossFit Lobo Workout of the Day


Friday 10/7/16 CrossFit Lobo Workout of the Day



Strict Press
Warm Up:  3-5 x (60/70%) Do what you need to warm up
Work Sets:  3 x 80/85% 3 + 90%
For time:  150 Double Unders.  Warm up the calves beforehand.


5 x 100m Uphill Sprints, rest 1′ between each run…so walk your butt to the bottom of the hill and get ready.
OPT Flight Simulator
5/10/15/20/25…50, 45, 40…5 Unbroken Double Unders for Time.
Each time you complete a set, you must stop the rope before starting the next set.  You must complete each rep scheme unbroken for it to count.  So, you do 5 unbroken double unders and stop.  Move to 10 but you miss on number 8.  The set of 10 does not count.  You must repeat the set of 10, until you complete all 10, UNBROKEN.  Then move on to 15, etc.  Once you complete your set of 50, you move back down the rep count. Roll your calves when you’re done….please.

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