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Daniel – Progenex Review


Daniel – Progenex Review

Product and flavor: Progenex Recovery – Chocolate Peanut Butter Smash

Taste: Really good! The chocolate peanut butter is delicious and doesn’t have that diet taste that a lot of recovery mixes have. After a hard workout, the protein shake is something I look forward to.

Improvements in recovery and performance:  I trained CrossFit for two months without a post-workout. I noticed I was constantly sore after workouts and I was taking a while to recover after each class. After taking Recovery, I feel better almost instantly and I’m motivated to continue pushing myself.

Conclusion: Using Progenex Recovery will give you the boost you need to continue chasing your fitness goals. Prior to CrossFit, I was relatively new to intense workouts and post-workout mixes. I can’t imagine taking anything else.

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