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Why CrossFit Lobo?
  • Community. You may go to church on Sundays, an office every day, or even those Salsa Meetups whenever you possibly can. And why? Outside of paying the bills, we do these things oftentimes for the sense of community. Life isn’t easy, and it surely is less so when you’re alone. We rely on others for emotional support, and there seems to be no better time for that emotional support when you’re dead on the floor (figuratively) after doing Fran (Google it) or some other WOD (Google it).

  • Coaching. We also know that we have barely figured this adulting thing out, and we’d really like someone’s help. On that long list of things to worry about in our quest to adult, our Health is one of them. And when you take a look around and see fast food on every other corner, you know this one arena, Health, is the one we could use a LOT of help in. At a CrossFit gym, you get personalized training from a certified, knowledgable coach on a DAILY basis, for as MANY times as you choose to walk in through that door and work out.

  • Variety. You were sick of dumbbell flies 3 months ago. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Variety is our bread and butter, and it’s why people simply don’t get bored with CrossFit.

So let’s revisit the question: Why CrossFit Lobo?

We KILL the basics (Is that aggressive? We are veteran-owned after all, so we have a lot of misplaced aggression). The fundamentals that a CrossFit gym will always promise but sometimes deliver are what we excel at. We continue to refine and craft both our gym’s community and our coaches’ breadth of skills. We go above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your experience at CrossFit Lobo.

  • Relentless, Personalized Coaching. If you believe that no man is an island… except you when you’re in the gym, pumping those biceps curls, and listening to Biebs, there’s a good chance Lobo isn’t for you. We deliver coaching and feedback until you start to have dreams of us saying nonsensical things on repeat, “Drive with the elbows!” And why? We want you to maximize your potential in the gym. We also want you to be able to move intensely for the rest of your life – not just the next two months before you hurt yourself and are out of the game. Safety and longevity, folks.

  • Tight-Knit Community. We have a fiercely proud group of people here at Lobo who truly believe that “Life is better in the Pack,” many who have been around for years. They will all tell you we have the best box in town and dare you to join, if you’re truly looking for that step up from your current gym.


Don’t believe us? Come check us out. Some things are better left experiencing. Call us, email us, or just drop in. We would be thrilled to have you come try our class out and understand why “Life is better in the Pack.”



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