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3 Reasons CrossFit Actually Works


3 Reasons CrossFit Actually Works

Let me guess.

You have a 6 month membership at a local gym, but you haven’t been for the past 3 weeks.

Overcome with guilt about wasting money and your potential, you don’t know what to do next. You have the desire to get in the best shape of your life, but you don’t know how to get there.

When your coworkers mentioned their CrossFit gym the other day, you looked at them like they all had 3 eyes. How do they do those crazy movements?

You feel even worse now about the gym membership you’re neglecting. Between the awe-inspiring CrossFit athletes you see on TV and your crazy coworkers, you can’t help but wonder:

How can I do awesome shit?

We always tell people on their first day at our gym: everyone has a first day. You don’t go from a sedentary lifestyle to one of bad assery overnight.

So how does CrossFit work then?

There are three elements of CrossFit that make it effective: the workout, the programming, and the community.

1. High-Intensity Workouts

You might be in a job or a relationship where you’ve been a bit out of it. Maybe your work is super easy but unfulfilling. Or maybe your significant other has grown apathetic to the fact that you’ve been playing Call of Duty instead of addressing the elephant in the room. We’ve all been through periods of our life that feel stagnant, because that’s just how life is. There are ups, downs, and a lot of weird grey area in the middle.

The beauty of CrossFit, though, is that it is impossible to coast through a workout. From your first workout to your 450th one, they will all be exhilarating and soul-crushing at the same time.

The workouts don’t get easy. Your pain threshold just adapts accordingly.

There’s nothing to worry about, though. You absolutely can do it.

The point of CrossFit is for all of us to experience the same level of intensity. No matter what your athletic background is, there is always a way to scale back or scale up a workout to provide you with adequate physical challenge. If “same level of intensity” means someone can do 50 chest to bar pull ups to meet your 5 weight-assisted pull ups, so be it! You’re still going to get a hell of a work out.

Everyone starts somewhere, and just stepping inside the gym is 95% of the battle.

2. Deliberate, Long-term Programming

Remember when you did that one mile jog on the treadmill, and you didn’t know what to do next, so you sat in the sauna for 20 minutes?

With CrossFit, that “didn’t know what to do next” part will not happen to you again.

One great thing about a CrossFit gym is that you don’t have to spend 3 hours on Google to come up with a 30 minute work out plan for yourself, only to spend 3 hours again the following night to do it again.

You save time, and you let us do the work of developing a “program” for you.

We don’t call them work outs in CrossFit; we call it a program, because there is thought, planning, and science behind the work outs we plan for you and the goals we’re getting you to accomplish.

It’s not enough to get you through ONE challenging work out.

The goal is to embed that one challenging work out within the context of 23 other work outs in a 4 week cycle that will have you undeniably stronger, faster, and more skilled by the end of it. At the end of that 4 week cycle, another cycle will start and you will continue to get stronger and faster with each cycle that comes and goes.

All you have to do is show up and follow directions.

3. Community

It’s not just the work outs that will turn you into a machine. What makes CrossFit uniquely effective, above all else, is the community.

It’s the people in close proximity who cheer you on, watch you, admire you, critique you, say “you could have pushed harder,” share beers with you afterward, and even give you the pity clap when you’re coming in last. (But doesn’t it feel that way, though? 🙁 )

When you have a group of people around you cheering you on, it’s almost impossible to just go through the motions. When you’re the (wo)man in the arena, the only option you have in that moment is to try really, really hard. And with each attempt, you can succeed or you can fail.

If you’re doing it right, though, you’re always experiencing failure. You just get accustomed to dealing with it, learning from it, and growing because of it.

The community helps you cope with the challenges inherent to this journey.

On days you don’t want to go to the gym, you will find yourself doing it anyway. Maybe it’s because Katelyn is going to be there working out with you. It also could be because Chris said your pull ups are really starting to come along. Or maybe you just want to see everyone and hang out.

The community is the missing puzzle piece when it comes to working out consistently over a long period of time.

With a great community, it will be easier to show up to the gym, give the work out everything you have, and get undoubtedly stronger and faster over time.

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